My personal revolution via the South Beach Diet

Wheat free options

I saw this in an old family cookbook.  Great information!!!


10 weeks in

It’s been 10 weeks on my newest journey.  I am down 20 pounds in 10 weeks.  I am pretty darn proud of that.  I am still bouncing between phase 1 and phase 2 of the South Beach diet.  Some days I have a carb, some days I do not.  I am trying to focus more on healthy snacks (cheese and nuts) and hearty meals (lean meat and veggies).  The rest seems to fall into place. 

My next goal is another 10 pounds.  I realize it may take me another 6-8 weeks, but I know getting there will make me feel so much better.  I am trying to increase my activity level.  I discovered doing push-ups with a 16 month old is not an option, nor are planks.  She does like to stretch with me though.  Thinking of trying early walks before she gets up and the husband is home.  I know my dog would love this.  

The foothills

I am in my 6th week of South Beach.  I am only on Phase 2 with 1 carb a day as I am in a weight loss competition and trying to really slowly reintroduce those carbs.  I am down 15 pounds since January 3rd.  15 pounds doesn’t sound like much but it feels great!

The first two weeks was 10 of those pounds.  Then, the past month has only been 5 pounds.  So, I am no longer falling off a cliff on weight, I like to call this the foothills.  It is a slow and steady downward slope, with the occasional plateau.  It’s not about the day to day.  That is so hard for me to see sometimes.  I had to stop getting on the scale unless I was concerned about a pervious day/few days.  For the most part it is 2-3 times a week I weigh in, with Monday being my offical weight.  Sunday is my PUSH day.  I try extra hard to be careful about what I am eating to not make the weigh in any worse.

I am very proud of myself.  I can admit that after 6 weeks of this.  I KNEW I could do this, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to be strong enough with all of my Owl’s snacks in the house.  That first few days was an eye opener on how many carbs are naturally in a home.  

I recently checked a book out of the library for additional recipes and found a great low carb pizza crust that you can actually pick up!  It is made with almond flour and flax seed meal.  It may be a little dry, but it has what I need to solve the pizza craving.  The book is missing, thanks to Owl, or I would tell you what it was called.

I am going to continue with 1 carb a day (normally an apple or berries) through next weekend.  That is when my weight loss competition ends and I will add in a second.  That won’t be oatmeal.  I figured that out after week 3 that oatmeal is not a good carb for me.  Created some serious cravings later in the day.
I wish you all continued luck on your journeys.  I am happy to say my winter coat fits and has a little wiggle room now.

Self inflicted wounds

So this is week 5 for me I believe.  It’s so easy to loose track when the scale stops changing.  I lost 10 pounds the first two weeks, that was a great reinforcement!  However, now I have been stalled the last two weeks and I truly thought this week would be another bust.  In the last three weekends I have had a bachelorette party, a wedding and an adult only party it up cabin weekend.  This did not make any of my struggles any easier.

So this morning was to be my first weigh in of my 4 week challenge with friends.  I dreaded today all weekend.  I broke down crying on Saturday night.  Here is why it happened:

  • Thursday my husband had a rough day and it was national carrot cake day, so I baked a carrot cake at 8pm.
  • Friday he at 1/4 of it for breakfast
  • Saturday night 1/2 of it was left, I had a small sliver to taste, as did Owl, the rest my husband had eaten between Friday morning and Saturday night.  He ate another 1/4 for dinner followed by Cheetos.

That was the last straw for me.  I know he gets more exercise and I know he is a hormone lacking man, but it is so hard to watch them eat what they want and loose weight.  He is down 10 pounds without “trying” as he only eats dinner with me.  

He asked if I wanted anything from the kitchen, I wanted that carrot cake.  I wanted tortilla chips and salsa.  I wanted chocolate cake to appear on my lap.  So, I ran out to the grocery store to get myself some Pork Rinds.  Yup, low carb, high protein, naughty pork rinds.  

I got home, at three and started crying.  I just remembered saying “like this will help” with two opened bags on my lap with a dog. 

It was a self inflicted wound.  I made a carrot cake that I could not have.  I put it in the house.  I created this overwhelming temptation for myself.  I also bought the Cheetos my husband was eating, although I do not like them the idea of snacking on chips was enough to put me over the top.

I will not do that again until I reach my goal.  I will not put myself at risk when I am in a competition with friends.  That is too much stress and temptation.  

Dear me:

I wanted to write myself a letter today; when is the last time you wrote yourself or had a hard talk with yourself?

Dear me,

I am proud of you for going back on the South Beach Diet.  I am proud of you for making positive changes in your life.  I am proud of you for not letting your knee keep you down.  I am proud of the example you are setting for your daughter.  

I know it is hard to see the changes, but they are happening.  Your body is changing, your mind, your blood, your future.  Taking this step is truly changing your future.  Reducing the risk of heart disease, another knee surgery (4 if you lost count), increasing the possibility of an active future for your daughter.  I hope this thought alone motivates you when you are at your lowest.

You are not alone.  You have a great network of friends who are out there doing this with you.  Please don’t ever think you are alone.



I have been back on phase 1 Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday I did phase 2 and I plan to bounce between the two until next week when I will officially begin phase 2 after my Monday weigh in.  Yesterday I felt the need for cardio, so I washed the kitchen floor, by hand.  I also scrubbed the cabinets and the appliances, anything you could see from the floor.  It was positive.  Today I am washing the sunroom Windows.  I figure this is a cheaper form of a workout class, and I get my house clean in the process!

Addressing the issue

I had another “fun” weekend full of potential cheats at every meal.  From waffles with ice cream on top for breakfast one day to bread offerings at each meal and a yummy chocolatey Chex mix snack.  I went, I saw, I ate and I did not partake in all of it.  I did what I could and kept it within reason.  We also took a long hike in the woods and I am sure we all burned off the waffles.

I am starting this week where I was last week and I am okay with that.  It is a fresh start.  It is also the beginning of a 4 week weight loss competition between myself and a few friends.  I did nothing yesterday.  I am not going to win if I don’t even show up!

I started a Fitbit challenge with some friends today to get me motivated.  I am planning to haul this kid to the mall and let her run free for an hour or so.  I am sure I will get some good cardio in if I do that!  After that I need groceries and then home.
I have thought a lot of my weight issue.  I think about it every time I ask my husband if he is hungry and he tells me is he still full from lunch; a lunch I had with him.  So, why am I not full or why am I thinking of food again?  It’s my mind telling me I am hungry, not my body.  Why on earth wouldn’t I listen to the one in charge?  Talk about your back seat driver… My mind needs to keep its thoughts to itself sometimes. 

How do you separate your mental associations with food away from actual hunger?  My plan moving forward is to start by drinking a glass of water.  I have heard that helps if you are not really hungry.  My next step is to go back to my counselor and start talking about these associations and see if she can help me break the cycle.  Perhaps I can just write about them later this week and see if I come to any conclusions.  Hmm, there is an idea.

Busting out and busting through!

So, I never in a million years thought I would post pictures.  But this week was rough, I plateau’d as many folks do.  I blamed it on the wedding cake and I am SURE that had something to do with it.  Finally yesterday the scale moved again, by half a pound.  I have busted into a new “decade” of weight.  So I wanted to see what else has been going on.  I took photos at the beginning, for me.  I was discusted by what I saw.  It was more than baby weight to me.  
I digress.  In my early photos from the side you could see the extra weight “hanging” or busting out the side.  In all the pictures you can see how my skin went from “pocky” to smooth.  The best I can tell myself is that it was all the water weight being uneven in my skin.  
These are my before (blue sports bra) and yesterday (pink sports bra) photos.   If any of you have pictures like these I would LOVE to see them!

I have gone back to Phase 1 for this week and next.  I needed to reset after the cake and this weekend will have many challenges as well, so I know going in I will need another reset.  Hope everyone’s weight loss journey is going well.